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Ultraflex lends a hand at Lou's Place - Women's Refuge

Ultraflex partners up with Laminex to help out at Lou's Place.

Started in 1999 at our terrace in Kings Cross, Lou’s Place is a unique, community-based refuge for women in crisis, feeling isolated or needing support.

Things were tricky before the pandemic, but with further shutdowns & lockdowns the challenges became greater for vulnerable women.

Lou's Place set out on a capital fundraiser last year to purchase much needed space. A highly successful campaign allowed for the purchase of a new building which has expanded the refuge three fold. A fantastic achievement!

Ultraflex and Laminex came together to help supply and install the joinery works throughout the building providing the necessary provisions for everyday living.

Opportunities like these present as humbling experiences for us all. A big thankyou to our team who donated their time to install.

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